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8 Important Differences That Make Us Stand Out:

  • A-Z...we do it all; Design, Print and Distribute (we'll beat any price!)
  • Our distributors are paid by the hour, and not per how many flyers they distribute (preventing your flyers from being trashed).
  • Our distributors have a supervisor throughout the entire distribution process.
  • We have our own steady team of distributors.
  • Our prices are reasonable.
  • You receive a detail e-mail everyday with the date, map, area and quantity of your flyer distribution.
  • You can track us online during the distribution via GPS.
  • Reliable and prompt service. 


Let Mey & Joyce Design Your Marketing Strategy


Our door-to-door distribution vans&distributors are clearly
marked and equipped with a GPS tracking system. As our
door-to-door distribution’s customer, you receive
your own personal user code for GPS tracking to check
our distributors and vans in real time. You are able to
see where your flyer is being distributed minute by
minute, giving you instant access to the most
advanced demographic marketing tool available today.
Use our GPS tracking system not only for real time
distribution but also to go back in time and witness the
exact location where our distributors and vans were distributing
minute by minute.












Las Vegas Distribution 2006 - 2008